Published on Thu, 22/02/2018 - 15:14
Flora Toulson-Clarke
Group of women on Crossing Thresholds

So why do women choose Crossing Thresholds?

Every time I meet a new group I feel a sense of excitement and curiosity.  Each person who comes on Crossing Thresholds comes from such a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and expectations; each one unique. What unites everyone, is that they are about to embark on the Crossing Thresholds journey, learning from and supporting each other.

There are many reason that women choose the programme, but as a Thresholds facilitator here are my top 3 observations:


‘So what is it I want from my career?’

‘How am I going to achieve it?’

‘What’s it going to take?

Everyone has their own story, but many participants express a sense of lacking choice in their direction. Whether that is due to feeling too busy and reacting negatively to stress and pressure, feeling trapped in or frustrated by an unfulfilling job, or simply unsure of what you want to achieve in your career, you will find resonance in this course.

Crossing Thresholds gives you the time, space and tools to explore what you truly want, define it and express to others.


It’s rare to meet anyone on the course who doesn’t feel they lack confidence in some way. It is hard to pinpoint one singular aspect of the course that can be attributed to women gaining more confidence, because the learning is subtle and happens organically. What we observe is that as participants experience each module, adding to their tool kit techniques and approaches, their confidence grows incrementally. Each facilitator creates a safe and inspiring environment for exploration and learning. In addition, the mentoring relationship will support your personal development in partnership with the course.

Whether you want your communication to have more impact, be more influential in negotiations, nail that interview or have a greater sense of self, this course can give you the tools and confidence to enable that process.

As a facilitator, what I find most inspiring, is the overall feeling of goodwill and support that seems to come naturally to every group on their shared journey


There are many reasons why women decide to focus on their own development. Perhaps you have been constrained by having prioritised the careers of others, at home or in the work place, watching from the side-lines, and merely treading water. Others of you may feel that your dependants old or young need less of your focus, so you can finally think about yourself. Or maybe it’s just time to embrace your potential.

What ever draws you to the course, many feel a sense of excitement and anticipation, mixed with a sprinkling of trepidation, about exploring their own development.  We do our best to support you.

Crossing Thresholds is a great way to put the focus back on YOU within YOUR chosen parameters. You will have the chance to explore what motivates you, what your core values are and apply this to focusing on you and your next steps.

All of these things make it a pleasure, as a facilitator, to observe each participant grow and develop in their own unique way.

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