Published on Wed, 12/01/2022 - 14:25
Bola Dada

In 2016 Bola Dada set a goal for herself, to publish a book within five years. Five years on she has completed that goal as her first children’s book ‘Dimple Dares to Ask’ is out on Amazon. As Bola remembers the shocked reaction from others when she shared her goal, it is hard to ignore the magnitude of her achievement.

Six years into her role as an assistant librarian at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities at the time, Bola felt it was the right time to progress in her career. “With the help of the Crossing Thresholds programme my main goal was to get a promotion”.

Although her mind was set on achieving the next step in her career, the ambition to become a published author lingered in the background. For Bola writing a book had been a longstanding dream but she admits that she didn’t know where to start when it came to getting a book published. An avid writer, Bola found herself starting to write books but never getting round to finishing them.

Bola explained, “I’ve always wanted to write a book, it was something I would start and then put aside without completing”.

Bola remembers the day she set her five-year goal. “I said my goal within the next five years would be to actually write a book, I wasn’t sure what, I just knew I wanted to write a book”.

At a networking event in 2020, Bola met someone who inspired her to see out her goal and ‘Dimple Dares to Ask’ was born.

‘Dimple Dares to Ask’ details the experiences of the pandemic through the eyes of 12-year-old Dimple and her family. Inspired by the events of the pandemic, with a light-hearted tone, the book covers the challenges and experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reflecting on her own experiences Bola shares her advice for pursuing your goal, however ambitious you might think it is: “If it’s something you’re interested in just go for it, don’t doubt yourself”. Talking to Bola this sentiment puts into perspective how she applied this to her own journey. To some her desire to write a book may be large in nature, but Bola wasn’t afraid to dream big, and seek out and jump at any opportunities that came her way.

Each new prospect was a chance to learn or network, which eventually paid off as she was soon in contact with a publisher, enabling her to move forward with her first book. She never doubted herself in the moments that felt challenging and celebrated the small triumphs as well as the big moments. Her message to others thinking about what they want to achieve is ’dare to dream’. Don’t limit yourself by what you think is realistic. Goal-setting creates a sense of direction, and when combined with action there really is no dream too big.

Looking forward to 2022, Bola has set a new goal to get her book included in the school curriculum for ages 10-12 and has more writing planned. Bola confirmed “there’s going to be another Dimple, and I’m excited to see what she dares to do next”.

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