Published on Tue, 14/01/2020 - 11:23
Vivian Adeyemo
picture shows Vivian Adeyemo

To thine own self be true” is how I began my presentation at the Crossing Thresholds Programme. This famous Shakespeare quote taken from the play Hamlet, encapsulated the theme of my peer group assignment on Authentic Personal Impact; which explored the concept of authenticity and how you can apply this in the workplace or your personal life. My peer group assignment was thought-provoking, inspirational and empowering, which sums up how I found my time on the Crossing Thresholds programme. 

Crossing Thresholds is a year-long career development programme aimed at women in the Civil Service, who want to develop their career in a structured and supportive environment. I recently graduated from the programme and found it immensely beneficial and different from any course I have ever attended.

Mentoring is one of the cornerstones of the programme and throughout the duration of the course I was paired with a fantastic mentor who supported and helped me evaluate and challenge assumptions. 

The skills you learn in Crossing Thresholds are both empowering and pragmatic. Our course facilitator was excellent and helped us learn how to structure our career plans, set achievable goals and present them with confidence and credibility.  The programme includes 5 group modules, which covers a range of areas including career goal setting, interview tips, personal branding and communicating with impact.

One day we embarked on mindfulness and did a spot of meditation which was both a surreal and refreshing experience!

What are the benefits?

  • Increased clarity of direction
  • A strategic career plan
  • Greater confidence
  • Enhanced interview and communication skills
  • A supportive network of peers

What does the programme involve?

  • 5 group modules
  • Mentoring by someone in a more senior grade
  • Peer group assignments
  • ‘Hot topic’ learning events
  • Shadowing

My peer support group were both supportive and encouraging. It has been rewarding working with them through the group modules, arranging our own self-directed days, and working towards delivering an impactful presentation to the rest of our cohort.

On completing the programme, I can honestly say that I have gained increased confidence, greater clarity on my career goals and the bonus of a support network behind me.

So, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to focus on your career development, this may be the course for you. Although the programme is aimed at women, the opportunity to become a mentor is open to everyone at all grades.

If you are interested in registering on the programme, you can enrol via the following link on the Civil Service Learning website:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the programme, please visit the mentor page on the Crossing Thresholds website: