Published on Mon, 09/12/2019 - 12:40
Liza, Thresholds' manager
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Over the last 18 years, Thresholds has established itself as a leading provider of highly effective, affordable career support for women. We have honed a small but customisable set of programmes and workshops that facilitate genuine transformation for individuals and organisations.

We are looking to expand our client base and to do this we are looking for facilitators to join our team of associates and a marketing officer to support this goal. Read on to found out more about both of these exciting opportunities.

Freelance facilitator role

We are looking for freelance facilitators to join our small team and deliver our courses across the UK. 
For further information on the role please read our FAQs here

How do I apply?

Stage 1: Expressions of Interest in the form of responses to the following questions DEADLINE: 20th December

  1. What attracts you to the role of associate facilitator for Thresholds Ltd? (in no more than 250 words)

  2. What is your relevant experience? (in no more than 250 words)

  3. What is your availability, in days per month, and from when?

Stage 2: send in a 3-minute video - Applicants should be able to describe why they think they are the right person for the job. They should be able to convey the key skills, experiences and interests that make them a good fit. DEADLINE 15th January

Stage 3: Assessment day to see applicants in action. DEADLINE (tbc)

Marketing Officer

How do I apply?

Please send in your response to the following in nor more than 500 words: 'What makes you the right fit? Please include any relevant experience or projects, what attracts you to this role and any ideas you may have for it.'

We are looking for a highly motivated and independent freelancer experienced in marketing and social media to support our ambition of expanding our client base and recruit mentors from varied backgrounds.

This role is ideal for an experienced marketing/communications person who wish to help promote the work we do in supporting women to achieve their personal and career goals. From putting together newsletters, creating marketing material and optimising the impact of our website, you will use your skills and experience to attract new clients for Thresholds.

For the right candidate we will work with you to develop and support you in your role from week one. We will provide training regarding our product, but we also believe that getting stuck in is also the best way to learn.

10 hours per week for the first 6 months, this could vary depending on projects. 

Further details on the our marketing officer role can be found here