I’ve mentored two people so far on Crossing Thresholds and I feel privileged to have been part of the personal journey they both went on in the year they spent on the course. At the end of each, I was meeting with someone who was much more self-accepting, with a more positive outlook. I think they are happier as a result and better at talking about it when they are unhappy too – which is so important.

I have a new mentor myself and I often worry I don’t have enough things to talk about when we meet up. The Crossing Thresholds modules provide a useful rhythm for mentor meetings and topics to talk about, which is very helpful at the beginning when you don’t know each other, or if your mentee (or you!) is nervous. And once you do get to know each other, the sessions are very natural conversations that I think leave everyone feeling positive.

My thoughts for new mentors would be that it’s very rewarding given it’s really such a small time commitment. I would recommend having some (informal!) boundaries in the relationship (length of time you’ll meet for, what help you’re prepared to give between sessions) so that the mentee gets the most out of the opportunity and you both feel comfortable. I try to remember that the sessions aren’t about me! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of giving advice based on your own specific experiences.

Alice Hammond Thresholds Mentor