I was first introduced to Crossing Thresholds when a colleague joined one of the programmes a few years ago. She fed back that it was really interesting and she was getting the opportunity to develop personally and network across government departments.

For several years I’ve been involved in talent programmes, action learning sets and mentoring for DWP. The opportunity to mentor for Crossing Thresholds crossed my desk, so I thought…. Why not?

Once accepted I received a detailed briefing, lots of programme info and was asked to develop a short personal profile so I could be “matched” with a mentee. This really was one of the best things I’ve done as I’m finding mentoring someone in another organisation really insightful and refreshing.

As a mentor I don’t understand the technicalities of my mentees job role and this is great because I can ask the basic questions, which really makes us both think. I’ve been able to support my mentee to progress her career aspirations and talk through the advantages and disadvantages of the opportunities that arise. We had a mentoring session based on developing her confidence when presenting to a large audience. I had to do a little research on this to refresh myself, so I benefited too.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be invited to a couple of the programme events and I’m really impressed with the quality of delivery and how much my mentee has developed, especially in her personal presentations and confidence.

For me personally, mentoring outside my own department has been refreshing and really interesting. This has helped me develop my internal mentor relationships too. If you have the opportunity to mentor for Crossing Thresholds, go for it. Meeting up with my mentee is one of the appointments I really look forward too.

Caroline Griffiths Thresholds Mentoring