As a student I undertook the National Mentoring Consortium, which was of great value to me in personally building up my confidence and focusing on key skills in preparation for the working environment. I would say having an amazing and committed mentor at that time really helped me on my career path and made me feel I had someone championing me regardless. This positive experience of mentoring has left an imprint on me, making me want to help others achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

I have never had any concerns about mentoring – If anything, the only concern is that I would not help an individual to achieve their potential.

I get a sense of fulfilment in seeing the transformation of someone from who they thought they were, developing into someone quite different and unique, and being able to push their own boundaries and having the confidence to take that next step in their careers and going against perceived obstacles.

My mentees have asked for help when they required it, showing great initiative. They were also very open about their experiences, which in turn made it very easy to identify any issues affecting them and figuring out a path or paths of resolution.                         

To new mentors I would say, definitely get out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries to where you feel you need to be. You will face challenges and obstacles along the way which might be scary, but if you are not scared are you really challenging yourself or doing what is safe, even though you know you can do and be more.

Elizabeth Moriba Thresholds Mentor