I have always been a strong believer in mentoring – I know I would have never have achieved what I have without the help of more experienced individuals along the way. I am also a great believer in ‘paying it forward’ so when I saw Crossing Thresholds advertised I was really keen to be part of it.  Women often need that extra push to believe in themselves and build the self-confidence to go after their goals.

I have mentored a number of women on the programme and I find it incredibly rewarding to watch them grow between meetings, and also to see their ‘lightbulb moments’. I value the relationships as they help me understand the challenges that a lot of junior staff are facing and I can always take away new learning from my mentoring sessions.

Tips for Mentees:

  • Commit and trust in the process.  Select your mentors wisely and if it’s not working out then that’s ok – that isn’t a bad thing and it’s a sign of maturity to recognise it.  Your mentor will appreciate your honesty.
  • Be clear on what you want from the relationship – don’t be afraid to approach someone from another government department.

Tips for Mentors:

  • Don’t overcommit. During a particularly busy time at work I kept cancelling meetings with one mentee until she decided that she wanted to change mentors. I now really consider whether my commitments will allow me to support any more mentees when a request comes through.

I cannot recommend it enough. It’s so rewarding and you are helping grow the next generation of leaders – it’s a great opportunity to show how important mentoring is to success and ensure that the those you mentor go on to ‘pay it forward’ themselves in the future.

Wendy Eley Thresholds Mentor