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Zoom Guide for New Users

Zoom System Requirements


Zoom is our preferred virtual delivery platform to remotely deliver Crossing Thresholds modules.

Please download the Zoom App (see below if not possible) and satisfy yourself that you are familiar with Zoom and have the necessary IT before your first virtual module.

Setting yourself up

• If possible we recommend using headsets as they greatly improve sound quality (don’t forget to change audio settings to recognise your headset)

• Make sure you are well lit so others can see you, either facing a window or light

• Put your laptop on a few books so it is at eye height.

• Play around with the settings in advance of the session so you are comfortable when online

• Your facilitator will keep you on mute for most of the session, asking individuals to speak, to avoid everyone talking at once, or no one talking at all

My work device won’t support the Zoom app

You are welcome to use any device (computer, tablet, phone) to access the session. You can access the session on Zoom via your usual web-browser. Please test in advance if this works.

What information do I need to join the remote module?

Meeting ID and passcodes are displayed on the course details tab of your personal page.

How will I receive my module workbook?

In advance of each module you will need to download the relevant module workbook by going to the resources section of your personal page where it is listed under the relevant module. These are editable PDFs which you can save to your device and type directly into. There are also printable versions with less colouring for those who prefer to write by hand without using a ton of ink!

Can I use my phone/tablet to join?

Yes, it is entirely possible to access the session this way but you will have reduced functions and will not be able to see the whole group on one screen.

What if I need to step out of the module for a work or family emergency?

We recommend, if possible, that you attend the whole module. However, if you do need to deal with an emergency there is no need to tell us in advance unless you will be late joining, just let the facilitator know when you join the module in the morning.

Hot Topics

Peer Groups will be delivering their Hot Topics on the self-directed day. This can either be a set of study materials or a live facilitated session, organised and hosted by the Peer Group for the rest of the group.


Mentoring works really well by phone, Skype, Zoom or Teams. Both mentors and mentees are expected to honour the 1 hour per month agreement for mentoring sessions for the duration of the programme.

Self-directed days

Your self-directed days are a very precious time which we expect you to prioritise as you do the facilitated days. They are designed to give you the space and time to reflect, learn and put in to action what you covered the day before. Please arrange with your peer group how you wish to connect and whether you intend to spend a full day together, or split the hours over a week/month.

If you have any other questions please email us at [email protected]