Published on Mon, 20/09/2021 - 17:28
Kate Sturdy

A year ago I started a new venture: a career break, 12 months of unpaid leave with no specific job to return to. It's now over.

With the support of friends, family and my coach, I identified six things that I wanted to get from this precious time away from the daily office grind, and I have achieved every one.

✅ Qualify as an ILM L7 executive coach
✅ Build up my network of contacts in the civil service and world of coaching
✅ Complete some work experience in facilitation and coaching to boost my skills and experience 
✅ Find a job share partner to return to work, enabling me to do my chosen work pattern of 2 days a week 
✅ Keep up regular exercise, and do more wild swimming 
✅ Spend quality time with my husband and dog 

My coach has been a major support to me throughout this time, tuning into my creative brain to help me visualise success. Turns out I have water on my mind... 

💦 Finding a way past obstacles - the way that water trickles a path through piles of rock
💦 Zoning into my place of calm when under stress - imagining myself swimming in a river, looking out along the flat of the cool water
💦 Protecting my time and balance - with the ruthless efficiency of a shark, single-mindedly cleaving through its watery element 

In this reflective mood, my thoughts are simple:
➡️ Work out what it is you want 
➡️ Believe that you will find a way
➡️ Identity the steps to get you there - practical and emotional 
➡️ Get lots of help and support

I'm now at the start of the portfolio career I dreamed of - private executive coach and facilitator, and part-time civil servant. If I can do this, anyone can. 

Keep in touch! I love connecting with you, let me know how you're doing with networking, career development and work-life balance

Time to plan written across a clock face