Crossing Thresholds

Crossing Thresholds Programme Networking Women Group

Crossing Thresholds is our flagship year-long programme that offers a structured and supportive environment for women to develop their careers and achieve their potential.

What do you really want from your career?

This cutting-edge mentoring programme helps participants define what they want from their careers and lives. Together, we develop a roadmap to help them achieve it.

This foundational work has far reaching impacts; challenging, inspiring and stretching participants to think freshly about their careers and lives as a whole. 

Individuals who have completed the Crossing Thresholds programme are motivated and empowered, translating new skills and techniques to their workplace. As a result, they’re happier and more effective colleagues, managers and leaders. 

Thresholds guide mentors and mentees on how to maximise the value and benefit of the partnerships over the duration of the programme.

The Crossing Thresholds programme has transformed the lives of over 6,000 women across the UK and internationally – and we have a decade’s worth of testimonials that prove it.

80% of graduates get promoted or move to a more suitable role within the year

What does the programme involve?

Five themed group modules taking place over two days, peer support groups, one-to-one mentoring and shadowing opportunities:

Vision, values and goals. Creating a viable action plan. Getting the best from mentoring. Tips from past participants.

What do you want in your life as a whole? Getting the right work done. Establishing your ideal life pattern. Mindfulness.

Personal branding. Interview tips. Structuring your answers for maximum impact. Interview practice with feedback.

Presenting with credibility. Giving difficult feedback. Thinking on your feet. Role-play practice sessions.

Career goal refresh. Peer feedback. Developing resilience. Raising your profile. Mentor panel: tips for going forward.

Organisational benefits

  • Motivated high performing staff
  • Increased representation in senior roles
  • Enhanced leadership and management skills
  • Improved time management and task prioritisation 
  • Cost savings due to retention and promotion of internal talent

Individual outcomes

  • Increased clarity in terms of career direction
  • A strategic action-plan to achieve personal and career goals
  • Greater confidence in skills and abilities
  • Enhanced interview and communication skills
  • An ongoing and supportive network of peers
1 year
Group size
All courses currently virtual / F2F by request

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Civil servants can book onto Crossing Thresholds via the Government Gateway 

What our graduates say

Illustration of a black haired woman reading a document

Cheryl Joyce

Manager - Crown Commercial Services
Are you a woman looking to progress in the next 12 months? Do you want to work on your 3C’s - Competencies, Confidence, and Communication in a structured and supportive environment? If so, I would highly recommend Crossing Thresholds.

Rekha Patel

Strategy Manager - The Insolvency Service
I wanted a new challenge and a job change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. The 5 modules gave me real focus and direction, and I made the most of the resources and support.
Illustration of a red headed person at a computer

Steph Rhodes

Head of Policy & Strategy - Forestry Commission
One year on, I’m in a role that I would simply never have applied for were it not for Crossing Thresholds, and I‘m truly enjoying it.

Rachel Hallam

I have now secured a permanent position on promotion which 2 years ago seemed unimaginable, yet now, is a reality