Befriend your Inner Critic with 3 Top Tips

Gemma Brown
Wed 10 Jul 2024
Applying for that job with confidence, starting a new venture with curiosity, saying yes to a new hobby and feeling excited, challenging a colleague without holding back, sending the email without hesitation... If only we could prevent the spiraling of self-doubt and turn our attention to much more positive thoughts and actions. I’m here to tell you that you can.

A Lioness and a Gazelle: my relationship with anxiety

Emma Ryan
Wed 15 May 2024
A brief note before the blog begins: This is part of my story from the last few years. It is not dramatic or unique. In fact, based on conversations I’ve had with many friends, colleagues and women I coach, it is a familiar story. I share it for that reason and to share some resources. Maybe you’ll recognise something of yourself in here. And in that recognition, maybe something happens for both of us...