Rachel Hallam

I have now secured a permanent position on promotion which 2 years ago seemed unimaginable, yet now, is a reality

Sarah Chidgey

Team Leader. Chief Executive's Group - HMRC
I'm sure Crossing Thresholds played a part in reaching my goal, but the longer-term benefits of the programme are far wider.

Sarah Tickle

Assistant Director, Improvement & Change - UK Border Force
Know where you want to be, be authentic, take control of your time, get the messaging right......Just some of the key lessons from the Crossing Thresholds programme.
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Cheryl Joyce

Manager - Crown Commercial Services
Are you a woman looking to progress in the next 12 months? Do you want to work on your 3C’s - Competencies, Confidence, and Communication in a structured and supportive environment? If so, I would highly recommend Crossing Thresholds.
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Julie Lindsay

Head of UCICC - DWP
Along with this new-found confidence in myself, the key things of value for me were being helped to gain real clarity about what I wanted and some tools, techniques and tips to help me get it.
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Cécile Ogwudire

Strategy Adviser - Government Equalities Office
The programme also gives you lots of practical support. The advice my mentor gave me was invaluable and drove me to sign up to mentor others. I now have a personal brand that reflects what drives and motivates me about my work and the qualities and behaviours I want to model.

Rekha Patel

Strategy Manager - The Insolvency Service
I wanted a new challenge and a job change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. The 5 modules gave me real focus and direction, and I made the most of the resources and support.
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Simran Mejie

Policy Advisor, DEFRA
I didn’t quite believe I’d be able to articulate my career goals and milestones in a one day workshop…until I did it! ....the way the course is structured to allow for peer feedback/support groups is incredibly effective.
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Anon - NHS workshop

One week after the workshop, I am pondering on the ‘how to’ and all the steps needed to make my career dream a reality. I loved that this was women’s only - very empowering.
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Steph Rhodes

Head of Policy & Strategy - Forestry Commission
One year on, I’m in a role that I would simply never have applied for were it not for Crossing Thresholds, and I‘m truly enjoying it.

Vicky Dawe

Deputy Director - BEIS
A few years ago I noticed some women working around me were visibly more confident and assertive, clearer on what they wanted and their future career. Some were getting promoted. The reason? They’d been on Crossing Thresholds.

Charlotte Barton

Compliance Team - Home Office
I had been working at my current level for 10 years, and while I enjoyed my job I felt it was time for me to consider my future, consider what skills I was missing and think about my own development.

Elaine Dicerbo

Business Connector - DWP
In my experience it is the best course that I have been on. On day one I had a blank sheet of paper to carve out my career.  I saw myself in a role helping disadvantaged people back into work.  I wanted to connect businesses and influence them to give people the opportunity to do this.
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Clare Land

Senior Designer - Care Quality Commission
It is not often you are given the time to really think about what you want out of your career and how you might go about achieving it.
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Carla Finch-Daniels

Team Leader in Department for Education
When I enrolled onto the Crossing Thresholds programme I was sceptical, but I’m happy to say I was wrong! It really delivers!
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Karin Clifford

Adviser, JobCentrePlus
It’s so important just to take that time out and really think about what you want, what your goals are and how you are going to get there.
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Louise Harris

Chief of Staff to the CEO, Government Digital Service
Thought-provoking and a great opportunity to share perspectives, ambitions and (sometimes!) fears with peers. The facilitators were excellent and encouraged us to really consider, and be honest with ourselves about, what we actually want from our careers - getting us beyond what we think we "should" want