Sarah Chidgey

Team Leader. Chief Executive's Group - HMRC

I was really fortunate that Crossing Thresholds was promoted for all women working in the Wales Office. I was working as Private Secretary to a Wales Office Minister and also supporting the Welsh Secretary of State. I took part in Crossing Thresholds at the perfect time in my career where I was looking for a step up to the next level, really benefitting from the networking, support and time out for reflection that Crossing Thresholds provides.

I found that Crossing Thresholds was a way of re-examining life goals as a whole and thinking about "what really matters to me", including important discussions about managing stress and finding ways to achieve a better work-life balance. The interview practice and feedback was also really helpful. One of the lasting legacies from Crossing Thresholds (apart from an excellent mentor who still supports my career) is the extra motivation and increased resilience to apply for roles which really appeal and match a longer-term career goal – in fact, Crossing Thresholds is as much about removing psychological barriers as any other barrier.
I'd definitely recommend Crossing Thresholds to any woman who is looking for a promotion (and to those that aren't as well - as Crossing Thresholds is about much more than looking to move up a grade or two, although that was the eventual outcome of the course for myself, after I successfully gained substantive promotion to Grade 7 at HMRC). I'm sure Crossing Thresholds played a part in reaching my goal, but the longer-term benefits of the programme are far wider