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Whatever you hope to achieve in your working life, taking the time to plan your route to success is essential.

What do you really want from your career? 

The empowering one-day Threshold Workshop gives people tools and techniques to look freshly at their careers and devise a practical action plan to achieve their goals.

Expert facilitation and peer coaching give participants the opportunity to think creatively about what they want in their working lives.

The supportive yet challenging environment encourages people to question their own and others’ self-limiting assumptions. 

Participants leave feeling confident and motivated to put their career plans into action.

The Threshold Workshop can be booked by individuals considering the next steps in their careers, and organisations wanting to unlock staff potential.

Individual Bookings Dates & Availability

The day includes

  • Visualising your ideal career
  • Setting tangible and achievable goals
  • Assessing your current situation
  • Mapping out the milestones to succeed
  • Peer support and feedback


The Threshold Workshop is a one-day workshop suitable for anyone who wants to develop their career plan in a structured and supportive environment.

We can run workshops for up to 14 participants: specifically women-only; ethnic minority (incl) women-only; and open demographic. 

Individuals can find dates and bookings info via our Evenbrite page. Payment can be made with credit card, paypal or a purchase order from your organisations

If you are looking to make a group booking then contact us directly to arrange. We can deliver the Threshold Workshop to women-only, mixed gender and ethnic minority groups. Contact us today to discuss your options.

The costs for the Threshold Workshop are as follows:

  • £180 (+ VAT) per person for those self-funding the course
  • £300 (+ VAT) per person for corporate/organisation-funded bookings
  • £3,600 (+ VAT) for up to 14 persons

Contact us to book the Threshold Workshop for your organisation.

Individual Benefits

  • Increased clarity of direction personally and professionally
  • Greater confidence to pursue their ideal roles
  • Practical tools that are transferable to all aspects of life
  • A supportive network of peers

Organisational Benefits

  • Motivated high performing staff
  • Staff owning their career journey
  • Ability to strategise in times of change
  • Supportive team members
One day
Group size
Face to Face / Online

Bookings for Organisations

Organisations wanting to book workshops please get in touch. Organisations can book a workshop for groups of up to 14

This workshop can be booked for women-only, mixed genders & ethnic minority groups.

Prices start at £300 +VAT pp

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What our graduates say

Illustration of a black haired woman reading a document

Karin Clifford

Adviser, JobCentrePlus
It’s so important just to take that time out and really think about what you want, what your goals are and how you are going to get there.
Illustration of a red headed person at a computer

Louise Harris

Chief of Staff to the CEO, Government Digital Service
Thought-provoking and a great opportunity to share perspectives, ambitions and (sometimes!) fears with peers. The facilitators were excellent and encouraged us to really consider, and be honest with ourselves about, what we actually want from our careers - getting us beyond what we think we "should" want
Illustration of brown haired woman on a laptop

Simran Mejie

Policy Advisor, DEFRA
I didn’t quite believe I’d be able to articulate my career goals and milestones in a one day workshop…until I did it! ....the way the course is structured to allow for peer feedback/support groups is incredibly effective.