Succeeding at Interviews

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Are you tired of leaving an interview feeling like you didn’t shine? Our Succeeding at Interviews workshop will give you the skills and confidence to show what you're capable of in any situation.

Do yourself justice when it matters 

Succeeding at Interviews is a two-day workshop designed to equip everyone with the practical skills to excel in interviews – no matter what questions are asked.

Participants develop their own unique personal brand, and learn how to communicate this with impact and memorability.
Thresholds' expert facilitators create a supportive learning environment where people can hone their skills through practice and feedback. 

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What does the workshop include?

  • Developing your unique personal brand
  • How to convey your strengths in a matter-of-fact way
  • Tips for maximising your memorability and impact
  • Demonstrating your suitability for the job you want
  • Interview practice with feedback

Individual Benefits

  • Greater self-awareness of your strengths and abilities
  • Impactful communication skills
  • Understanding of your unique brand
  • Ability to convey your talents and achievements in a matter-of-fact way 

Organisation Benefits

  • Increased representation in senior roles
  • Improved self-awareness for leaders
  • Having the right person in the right role
  • Cost savings due to retention and promotion of internal talent
2 Days
Group size
Up to 12

Bookings for Organisations

Organisations wanting to book workshops please get in touch.

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What our graduates say

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Julie Lindsay

Head of UCICC - DWP
Along with this new-found confidence in myself, the key things of value for me were being helped to gain real clarity about what I wanted and some tools, techniques and tips to help me get it.

Sarah Tickle

Assistant Director, Improvement & Change - UK Border Force
Know where you want to be, be authentic, take control of your time, get the messaging right......Just some of the key lessons from the Crossing Thresholds programme.