Know where you want to be, be authentic, take control of your time, get the messaging right......Just some of the key lessons from the Crossing Thresholds programme.

For those on my course, actually knowing what we wanted was very unclear. Some of us had taken any job to fit in with caring responsibilities or followed our partner's work pattern, subsuming our needs and aspirations. Many felt tied to their current workplace or team. It felt like all of us, no matter what our domestic set up, lacked confidence and direction.

The first two days of Crossing Thresholds was a revelation but also incredibly hard. I had a really awful headache after the first day while I tried to process it all. The next morning though, I was very inspired and that carried into my return to work - where I suspect I may have been annoyingly enthusiastic......

My vision has changed since that first day and I am constantly working on it. It’s not easy to change 25 years of ingrained thinking. Working through the other elements of the course has helped a great deal and meant I have been able to screw up my courage to share my aspirations and take opportunities like charity work, finding a mentor and temporary promotion whilst feeling supported.

I can't finish this blog without mentioning my peer support group. This concept has been so simple but very clever. Being with a group of others from the course to work through subjects, arrange our own training days and work towards giving a presentation has been rewarding and taught us to take control of our own destinies.

I finished my last two days on the course this month. I feel more confident and that I am taking back control with the added bonus of a support network behind me.

Sarah Tickle Thresholds Testimonial