Crossing Thresholds was suggested to me by my mentor and I was attracted by the content of the modules along with testimonials of what others had got from it, but was most definitely intrigued with it being for “women only”!

The “women only” angle definitely worked for me. In the first module there was talk of how often men (unlike women) do not ponder and wonder if they have experience of every line of a job description but simply “go for it” with confidence. This really resonated with me and overnight changed my attitude and view, leading me to applying for my current role, which prior to this advice I would have dismissed as something I could not do.

Along with this new-found confidence in myself, the key things of value for me were being helped to gain real clarity about what I wanted and some tools, techniques and tips to help me get it.

I increased my network by meeting and sharing with some great people across the Civil Service. Within three months of my final module I achieved my goal from module one of gaining a senior civil service post. My experience on Crossing Thresholds definitely contributed in furthering my development and helping me to achieve my goals.

Julie Lindsay