Carla Finch-Daniels

Team Leader in Department for Education

When I enrolled onto the Crossing Thresholds programme I was sceptical, but I’m happy to say I was wrong! It really delivers!

Like so many women, confidence (or lack thereof) was a huge barrier for me. This programme gave me the time to self-reflect and consider what I really wanted from my life and career. Module 1 focuses on setting your career goal and the facilitators were great in challenging and identifying why we had delayed applying for posts or changing careers. It became apparent that there was nothing stopping me but my own unfounded fears. My peer group were also really supportive and encouraging and that gave me the courage to lean in and embrace new opportunities. 

Consequently, the boost to my confidence was phenomenal!! I have changed job roles on several promotions; I have a better work-life balance, and I made some fantastic friends and networks. But this isn’t only about gaining promotion or changing roles – it impacts on your life, in and outside of the workplace.

Having a mentor is really beneficial in providing you with impartial advice, as well as supportive and constructive challenge. They can also offer you contacts where you wouldn’t otherwise have them and can extend offers of shadowing. 

Years later, I continue to share my experience and utilise the skills I developed to help others to realise their potential and breakdown their own barriers.