Clare Land

Senior Designer - Care Quality Commission

I felt that Crossing Thresholds could help me identify what I wanted out of my career, with the main aim being the security of a substantive post. I knew that I would like to move to a more senior role but needed some time and support out of the formal workplace to think about this more clearly.

I found the first module, entitled ‘Career goal setting and planning’ – quite challenging. It is not often you are given the time to really think about what you want out of your career and how you might go about achieving it. It made me realise that I assumed that in order to be ‘successful’ I needed to follow a certain path, ever onwards and upwards, when actually it became clear that such a career might not be particularly satisfying.

The second module, which focusses on work life balance and what that means for you as an individual, was particularly helpful in working this through.

The modules on interview skills and raising your impact will undoubtedly help you if you are looking to secure a new job, but they have a wider application in raising your confidence and profile within your workplace as well.

It is only now, nearly 2 years after completing the course, that I feel ready to apply for a more senior position – not because I didn’t think I was capable of performing at a higher level, but because CT helped me realise that doing so any earlier really wouldn’t have allowed me to achieve the balance that I want in my life.  The fact that I was ‘told’ that was OK – by my peer group, my mentor and ultimately myself, really was quite a powerful message for me to take away.