Charlotte Barton

Compliance Team - Home Office

I first heard about Crossing Thresholds when our Team Leader shared the opportunity with our team. I had been working at my current level for 10 years, and while I enjoyed my job I felt it was time for me to consider my future, consider what skills I was missing and think about my own development. As a manager I was so focussed on my team’s development I hadn’t considered my own for a long time.
For me, the primary benefit of the course was having a mentor. From our first meeting we clicked. Through the twelve months we looked in detail at what makes me tick at work and what I want from my career. I learned so much about myself from our productive sessions. I enjoyed having someone to discuss my fears and weaknesses with and above all I developed confidence in myself and my abilities. I began to focus on my strengths rather than always looking at my weaknesses. I identified that I had lots of skills and experience which would support me in promotion. I cannot thank my mentor enough and we have agreed to maintain the mentoring relationship as I apply for promotion.
I also enjoyed the facilitated days with the CT trainers. Some sessions were more challenging but the trainers were always encouraging and supportive. My peer group were great and we shared our experience and knowledge with each other. I gained lots of different tips from each of them in terms of dealing with conflict and managing my time effectively, I also received support from one member when I was feeling particularly low in confidence which really helped me.
CT gives you time to think about you, focus on your potential and think about taking the next steps in your career.