In my experience it is the best course that I have been on. On day one I had a blank sheet of paper to carve out my career.  I saw myself in a role helping disadvantaged people back into work.  I wanted to connect businesses and influence them to give people the opportunity to do this.

I enjoyed being videoed for the interview skills. I really felt that I needed to slow down when I was speaking to deliver greater impact.

My peer group delivered a session on  ‘raising your profile’ at our last module. I invited a guest speaker from the Local Authority in Milton Keynes who had inspired me while in my role. I was impressed with the ease that she presented herself.  She talked about her life and how she had developed a mantra “I believe, I can and I will”. 

I am now back in the DWP following a secondment.  The skills I have developed will hold me in good stead for the future and I have begun the process again of carving out my career, going forward with the new confidence I gained throughout the programme.

Going forward I want to continue sharing these words and inspiring others.  Now I mentor two people on Crossing Thresholds.  The value I gain from doing this is immense and reminds me of the learning that I did on the programme. 

Thank you for this opportunity - it really has changed my life.

Elaine Dicerbo