Supporting Yourself Through Burnout

Amber Sorrell
Tue 18 Apr 2023
Have you ever experienced that guilty feeling when you’re working from home, and you turn off your computer? You’re about to turn on the tv or go for a walk and then the thoughts begin. Maybe I should still be working? I haven’t opened all those unread emails. I should probably just finish that project proposal. One more hour won’t hurt, will it? Then one hour becomes two...

The power of quiet leadership

Mary Carpenter
Wed 24 Aug 2022
At times in my career as a Government lawyer, I’ve worried that being quiet isn’t compatible with being successful or with being an effective leader. I’ve seen quietness as a problem that I need to solve; I’ve told myself that I need to shift several places along the introvert-extrovert spectrum in order to succeed...

Will you be your Valentine?

Emma Ryan
Mon 14 Feb 2022
How to start a blog about self-love? I don’t want to come on too strong, too early, but I feel so strongly about this topic. I’ve already deleted ‘how do you take care of yourself?’ (Too weak), ‘how do you love yourself’ (too strong and possibly wrong forum) and ‘Selfish or self-care?’ (too bloggy).

Dare to Dream

Bola Dada
Wed 12 Jan 2022
In 2016 Bola Dada set a goal for herself, to publish a book within five years. Five years on she has completed that goal as her first children’s book ‘Dimple Dares to Ask’ is out on Amazon. As Bola remembers the shocked reaction from others when she shared her goal, it is hard to ignore the magnitude of her achievement.

Final career break blog

Kate Sturdy
Mon 20 Sep 2021
A year ago I started a new venture: a career break, 12 months of unpaid leave with no specific job to return to. It's now over. With the support of friends, family and my coach, I identified six things that I wanted to get from this precious time away from the daily office grind, and I have achieved every one.

Running for my life

Fri 23 Jul 2021
Those of you who have done Crossing Thresholds and remember the Wheel of Life exercise in Module 2, exercise was something I really wanted to pay more attention to. About 6 months ago I was feeling low in energy, unhealthy and needed to start looking after myself. It was winter, we were in yet another lockdown, and this was the time to make some changes and do something about my health. So, I downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K app onto my phone and decided to go for it.