Unearth who you really are: How Crossing Thresholds helped me find, and believe, my own authenticity

by Sarah Matkin
Published: Tuesday, 9 January, 2024

Unearth who you really are… (who of course, you were all along)

How the crossing thresholds course helped me find, and believe, my own authenticity...

Crossing Thresholds started for me in February 2023, and what a year it’s been! Fresh from learning to live with a tinnitus diagnosis over the course of 2022; dealing with a time-consuming diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease over the course of 2023; and helping my 10-year-old daughter manage emetophobia (a debilitating and little-known phobia of sickness) – I feel stronger than ever. Why? How can that be?

From an early stage of the programme, surrounded by a group of bad-ass, capable and inspiring women, I had an epiphany: ‘I am one of those women too!’ We were very quickly encouraged to explore what we really wanted from life; plan realistically how we could get there, and how to make our time and effort in our endeavours count.

Through its hands-on, direct, dynamic, and blended learning approach, this course helped me do things I was always a little reluctant to do, which in turn have made me believe in myself. You know the sorts of thing, big myself up, talk about me, (I used to be the one who always deflects questions about myself from a belief that no one is that interested in my reply. I don’t do that anymore). Most importantly, the course helped me reach out for help, feedback, and ask for critiques of my performance in a whole raft of situations – be those interviews, communications, presentations, elevator pitches. Comfort zone well and truly expanded!

I’d love to share my top three tips, which might help you as you go through the course….

  1. Self self self – focus on you. Your self-esteem, self-trust, sense of self and self-compassion. This is NOT being selfish or at the expense of others. There is such thing a ‘healthy selfish’ – and this course is truly the epitome of that.
  2. Attention. Listen to your mentor, your peer group, the course leaders – and indeed, to yourself. Place your attention on one thing at a time. It will pay off.
  3. Bit by bit - A little bit of focus/exercise/reflection/reading/meditation or whatever works for you, every day(ish), is better than burnout. Do not be daunted. Be enthused. This is how the authentic you can be revealed and shared with the world.

As I now enter the year where I turn 40 – and working towards my personal and professional milestones, I feel resilient, present, and mindful of the moment. Life will deliver more challenges, and my response might not always be perfect – but it will be authentic.

Finally, I’d urge you to ask everyone around you for help and find the resources that work for you. I truly believe that you will unearth who you really are, who of course, you were all along.

What awaits you this year?

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